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Fresh Rocky Point Whole Grouper 1kg-1.7kg

Original price $55.00 - Original price $69.00
Original price $55.00
$55.00 - $69.00
Current price $55.00
Size: 1kg

Grouper is recognized for its wonderfully mild yet distinct flavour, extra firm texture, heavy flake, and ability to effectively retain moisture, and is caught fresh from the pristine blue seas of Rocky Point, Queensland. It's a member of the Sea Bass family, and its flavour has been described as a cross between bass and halibut.

This fish is a wonderful option if you don't like seafood with a strong fishy flavour. For a refreshing and filling bite to eat, bake in Mediterranean-style flavours, pan-sear with balsamic vinegar and brown butter sauce, or bake with lemon juice and fresh herbs.

Rocky Point Whole Grouper comes in:

  • Whole
  • Fresh
  • Several sizes based on uncleaned weight
  • Product of Australia