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Salmon "Harasu" Belly Sashimi 120g Tray

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Original price $14.95
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(Preorder for delivery Monday 7th March onwards)

If you love salmon sashimi, you definitely need to try out our salmon belly sashimi, also known as "Harasu" or "Sake Toro" in Japan.  Salmon belly is the fattest and creamiest part of the whole salmon.  People often ask for the belly part when they order sashimi at Japanese restaurants.

Our salmon is one of the freshest which you can find in the market as they are fresh off the boat every day and the way how we operate has minimised handling and display of our fish therefore you will be able to taste the freshness of our fish compared to what you find in your average fish shop.

Our salmon belly sashimi comes:

  • In 120g trays
  • With wasabi, soy sauce and picked ginger