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Fresh Coral Trout Sashimi Grade Whole Fish 600g-800g

Original price $39.95 - Original price $48.50
Original price $48.50
$39.95 - $48.50
Current price $48.50
Size: 800g

Buying Australian caught Coral Trout means guaranteeing an exclusive, irreplaceable flavour and texture. For those who understand the importance of culinary experience, Aussie Caught Trout has the quality and values for which Australians are renowned. A fair price creates a fair catch and a lifetime of great memories. That's Aussie Caught.

Their delicate flavour and fine white flakes are perfect for baking and grilling and are known for their lively look and fine eating qualities. Furthermore, their bones are easily removed due to their size. Citrus, light butter sauces, parsley, and chives can all be used to enhance the flavour of the fish. It is to be noted that coral trout cheek flesh is highly prized and should not be thrown away.  You'll find this prized delicacy simply steamed with ginger and shallots in the best Chinese restaurants. For more cooking ideas, look at our Smoked Trout With Horseradish Cream & Cucumber Salad.

Coral Trout comes:

  • Fresh
  • Cleaned
  • Min. 600g and 800g per fish (you pay the same price if weight is higher)
  • Product of Australia 

Depending on catch of the day the coral trout skin may be red to greyish-blue but you'll get the same delicious Coral Trout texture and taste.

Please note: The availability of this wild-caught seafood item depends on factors such as weather conditions, market condtions and your preferred delivery date.  We'll do everything possible to ensure you get your item when you want it, but there is a chance that this item will not be available on your chosen delivery date, in which case we would notify you as early as possible so you can select another item or make other arrangements.