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Seasoned Radish (Sakura Zuke) per kg

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Sakura Zuke, Sakura means cherry blossom, and zuke means pickle. Hinona kabu are purple on top and white on bottom, so when they are pickled, they turn pink like sakura/cherry blossoms-thus they are called sakura-zuke.

Traditionally, pickled sakura is used to make Sakura tea during celebration, such as weddings. Now, sakura has found its way into many more Japanese and Western recipes; from Sakura onigiriti to Sakura cookies, ice cream, cocktails and cake.

They’re also known to provide numerous health benefits such as vitamins, fibre, and probiotic cultures that promote digestive health.

Seasoned Radish comes:

  • Ready to eat
  • Fresh (not frozen)
  • In 1kg bulk package
  • Product of China