Cooked Southern Rock Lobsters 800g per piece (Frozen)


Southern Rock Lobsters look similar to Eastern Rock but are very different when it comes to flavor. Southern Rock Lobsters have rough-textured and orange-red before cooking. This marine crustaceans are available all year-round and wild-caught from Tasmanian Coast where they shelter in caves and crevices and under rocks from close inshore. Tasmania’s clean seawater and fresh, inland streams offer up some of the best fish and seafood one could hope for, it is especially abundant in rock lobsters which is available all year-round.

Southern rock has a distinct freshness and has a decadently rich taste that is enjoyed fully because of the generous meat to shell ratio. Highly sought after, these colorful spiny lobsters are best cooked with herbs and lemon for optimum flavor.

Southern rock lobsters come:

  • Cooked
  • Whole
  • Frozen
  • min of 800g