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Cuttlefish Ink 180g jar

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Spain is the source of this vibrantly coloured cuttlefish ink. Cuttlefish Ink is used to make squid ink pasta and black paella in a basic and straightforward manner. Many people believe that cuttlefish ink is superior to squid ink. It has a smoother flavour than squid ink and generates an incomparable roundness on the palate.

Cuttlefish ink has a distinct black-blue colour and a marine flavour that varies depending on the type of meal used to cook the ingredients. The ink boosts the colour of the meal and gives it a salty, slightly fishy flavour. Cuttlefish ink can be made into a sauce by boiling it over low heat and adding lemon juice and olive oil.

Cuttlefish ink come:

  • 180g jar
  • Product of Spain