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Wild-Caught Grey Mackerel Cutlet (Frozen) per kg

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Taste one of the most popular mackerel in Australia! Grey Mackerel has darker meat and is one of the most flavourful members of the Mackerel family. After being caught off the coast of the Northern Territory, it was promptly bled and iced down.

It has a beautiful off-white flesh that is medium-dry and firm. It's oily to a medium to a high degree. Cooking Grey Mackerel is a breeze – it's one of the easiest fish to prepare. It can be pan-fried with a little salt or barbecued. If you want to take your Grey Mackerel cuisine to the next level, you can marinate in your favourite salad dressing prior to cooking.

Grey Mackerel Cutlet comes:

  • Frozen
  • Wild-caught
  • per kg
  • Product of Australia