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Large Australian Sardines per kg (Frozen)

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Original price $12.99
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Our sardines from Yamba NSW are extra large in size and are easy to defrost, maintaining their shape and texture after thawing, unlike others you may have tried. 

Sardines as food have been around for centuries and the name probably originated from an island in Italy where this fish was abundant.  They are abundant in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean seas.  

Not only are sardines a very affordable seafood staple, but they are also extremely good for health with too many nutritional benefits to list here.  Don't be fooled by the price.  You only need to do a quick search online to find out about the benefits of eating sardine and pick up a few recipes along the way.

Our Large Australian Sardines come:

  • Frozen
  • Large size
  • Sold by the kilogram
  • Product of Australia