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Large SA Green King Prawns U10/15 (Frozen) per kg

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Original price $36.95
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Experience one of the most sought after prawns in the ocean! Wild harvested from the South Australian waters and frozen at sea. They are called king prawns for a reason - these raw green king prawns from the renowned Spencer Gulf in South Australia are big in size and big in taste with a firm sweet flesh that will go well in any dish.

King prawns are huge, delicate creatures. As the taste of the sea breeze lingers on your palate, indulge in your desires. These prawns are excellent served with a splash of lemon or fried in Sichuan pepper for a spicy snack. However, you don't need to use additional sauces or seasonings to enjoy the natural flavour of our succulent king prawns. They're not only big on taste, but they're also large on value, and we're confident you'll agree after you try them!

Large SA Green King Prawns come:

  • Raw
  • U10/15 size (22-33 prawns per kilogram)
  • Sold by the kilogram
  • Product of Australia