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Miyachika Tarako (Salted Cod Roe) 80g

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Tarako is pollock or cod roe sacks that have been salted. The tiny roe is wrapped in a very thin membrane and packed firmly together. It's the pollock roe from Alaska, which belongs to the cod family. Tarako is a Japanese word that means "children of cod": "tara" means cod and "ko" means children. Tarako is unprocessed and is renowned for its neutral colour, which is nude, almost beige with mild pink overtones.

Usually, it is served over a shiso leaf or a bed of rice. but you can also use it to incorporate saltiness and fishy flavour to pasta, onigiri, salad dressing, potatoes, and even eggs. Goes well with sashimi.

One of the most popular dishes Japanese people make with mentaiko is mentaiko spaghetti. If you don't like spicy food, you can substitute mentaiko with tarako. It is so easy and quick to make. Click here to view the recipe and try it out!

Tarako comes in:

  • Chilled
  • 80g tray
  • Product of Japan