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Extra-large U15 Australian Banana Prawns IQF (Frozen) per kg

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Original price $35.99
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We have all your seafood cravings! These Banana Prawns are particularly popular in Australia and are commonly used in hot dishes rather than in cold salads or platters. In comparison to Tiger and King prawns, these are extra large-sized prawns with a pleasant, mild flavour and have a medium-firm texture. 

They are good for Thai-style coconut curries since they are perfect for Asian meals and go well with spicy flavours. They're also fantastic in seafood recipes like prawn cakes and terrines. A good source of high-quality protein, as well as some of the essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. They're surprisingly low in calories and packed with superfoods.

Australian Banana Prawns come:

• Frozen
• Whole
• Sold by Kilogram
• Product of Australia