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Large S. A. Wild-Caught U16/20 Raw King Prawns (Frozen) per kg

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Original price $36.99
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These large king prawns have a superb taste and texture due to the pristine, cold waters of the Southern Ocean. These prawns also have a sweet, delicate but firm white flesh, which makes them perfect for cooking in many ways. Arguably the greatest benefit to eating prawns is that they’re undeniably tasty! These prawns are neutral enough to work with countless different flavour combinations. You may cook this beautiful ingredient in a bunch of different ways, may it be battered and deep-fried (beer battered or tempura), grilled, steamed, poached, pan-fried and stir-fried.

Large U16/20 Wild-Caught Raw King Prawns come:

  • Raw
  • Frozen
  • Large Size U16/20 (~36-44 prawns per kg)
  • Sold per kg
  • Product of Australia