Large QLD Black Tiger Prawns Raw U10/15 per 1kg


Harvested from Queensland Australia, Tiger Prawns earned its name because of the tiger-like stripes that are found on their shell and tail. What makes this popular is the fact that the black tiger prawn is one of the three main species farmed in Queensland for prawns. Queensland houses the biggest aquaculture industries in Australia and is abundant in tiger prawns during the months of August to November.

Depending on how they’re prepared, the taste of Tiger Prawns can range from almost-bland to sweet with a firm texture. Tiger Prawns are easily taken advantage of the health benefits that they bring: a lower risk for heart disease, a healthy immune system, cancer prevention, and strong bones. Large Tiger Prawn tails make for delicious hors d’oeuvres when grilled on skewers or served as classic shrimp cocktails. You can also toss them in pasta or casseroles for added flavor. Tiger Prawns Come: • Raw • Frozen • Whole and Unpeeled

Tiger Prawns Come:

  • Raw
  • Whole and Unpeeled
  • Min of 1 kg