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Skinless NZ Ling Fillets per kg (Frozen)

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This long eel-like fish species is mainly caught along the Campbell Rise coast, New Zealand. Campbell is an island that has a cold, humid, windy climate and is an outlying volcanic island of New Zealand.

Given the cod-like taste, Lings are cooked best by baking or grilling. Lings have a firm texture with gleaming white flesh that holds its shape when cooked. Its large boned-out fillets and thick steaks hold their shape well in cooking and have proved to be popular at home and in commercial kitchens.

Pan-fried ling fillets are also extremely popular due to the high level of moisture sustained by the fish meat. These fillets are also perfect for kid’s meals as they are completely boneless and skinless. For more cooking ideas look at our Steamed Ling Fillet with Vegetable or Baked Ling Fillet With Mushroom

Ling Fillets come:

  • Skin-off
  • Frozen
  • Sold by the kilo
  • Product of New Zealand