Queensland Half Shell Scallops per dozen


Nothing matches the flavor of perfectly cooked scallops so we have procured only the best kind. These pearl-shaped delicate scallops are characterized by their relatively large size. Owing to the pristine waters of Queensland, QLD scallops are recognized in Australia as real delicacies of the sea for their buttery flavor and delicate texture. Queensland waters are abundant in scallops from January to May, October to December.

Our Half-Shell scallops are available without the roe, they come packed dry in 1kg sealed packs and best served with Avocado, breadcrumbs, butter, cauliflower, chili, coriander, cream, dill, or just plain soy sauce. 

Half Shell Scallops Come:

  • Without the Roe
  • Half-Shell
  • 12 pcs